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Ristorante Faro , Spiaggia Porto Faro, Palau * Tel. 0789 709 565

Scuola Italiana e Management
Circolo Ricreativo Enogastronomico Italiano


Durin the day the sea breeze reaches the restaurant, making lunch pleasant, while in the evening, the lights of the lighthouse and the island of La Maddalena create the right atmosphere for a romantic dinner.


The restaurant, run by Chef Armando and his wife Zamira, is based on two pillars        

"Freshness" and "Simplicity"


"Freshness" in the choice of all raw materials, from fish to vegetables, in order to ensure the highest quality, in short "If there was not the market there is not in the menu".


"Simplicity" in the preparation of the dishes, without culinary sophistication and an excessive use of spices, Chef Armando always repeats "If the raw and good raw material is useless to hide it with so many processes".